Dear Registered NightWalking Participants,

See you on Thursday, August 1, 2019 around 1pm at WinterCorn Place at 638 Fernandez Road, Taos, New Mexico, 87571.


Optional:  if you are already in Taos, there will be an informal group dinner out around 6pm on Wednesday, July 31, 2019.  We will determine the place based on the group who wishes to go.

We recommend that you bring sturdy walking/ hiking shoes for the night sessions. Bring a firm-billed cap, and your curiosity as well.

A few more links to logistics are below. Class will go until well into the night with the final NightWalk on Saturday, August 3, so plan accordingly.  You will need lodging on the 3rd and your earliest departure from the Taos area would be the mornign of Sunday, August 4.

You may already have started to remember times and places you’ve experienced peripheral vision or expanded awareness. Or maybe that hasn’t come across your mind yet. Either way, bring those experiences, too.

Here’s to the journey,

Katie Raver and Nelson Zink

More logistics for NightWalking 2019….

Connect:  Want to connect the day before or the day of class? Text Katie at 512.699.7322.

Class Info

Getting to Taos

Lodging & Camping

Getting Around Taos

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