NightWalking Retreat 2023
with Katie Raver and Assistants

In person at Winter Corn Place in Taos, New Mexico.

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If you are interested in attending a NightWalking retreat and have questions, please email Katie Raver at or text +1 575.425.1550.

Expand your awareness and enjoy personal insights in beautiful Taos, New Mexico.

In this 5-day class, you will learn to walk in the dark, without artificial light, using the natural abilities of your eyes and brain. This training also helps you obtain the necessary practice to stay in your peripheral vision for longer than a few minutes, training your neurology to do so easily and enjoyably.  You can use what you learn in class for seeing at night and/ or for staying peripheral in daylight so that you can improve responsiveness, keep yourself safe, go into flow states more easily, and increase pattern recognition in all senses.

This class operates differently than other classes facilitated by Katie Raver and there’s plenty of time between sessions to connect with other participants, find a hiking trail or swimming hole to explore,  or enjoy Taos and the surrounding Carson National Forest.  


Our schedule for this training:

Day 1 / Monday: meet for an evening session, get to know other participants and facilitators, and make sure you have everything you need. No NightWalking the first night.

Days 2-3-4 / Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday: meet for an afternoon classroom session and an evening NightWalk each day.

During afternoon classroom sessions, enjoy the cozy comfort and New Mexican style decor of Winter Corn Place, as Katie guides you through experiences that will expand your ability to see, hear, and feel, and to use that increased sensory acuity to shift your attention to explore new reactions, responses, resources, and states of being.

In the evening sessions, the class meets in the starkly beautiful desert outside Taos to participate in NightWalking. Bring your natural curiosity along with your broken-in hiking shoes as we leave civilization and enter the natural world at night.  This is the easiest place to learn to NightWalk.  Our meeting times and locations depend on weather and other environmental factors.

Day 5 – Friday: meet for a final session in the classroom to complete the training.

Some learnings from this class can be applied and used right away in your own learning path, relationships, career, and personal development.  Other learnings may take time to develop or arise in their own time, in the weeks and months following the class.


Planning for Attending Class:


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