Driving: Most visitors to Taos drive all or part of the trip, and you will likely need to rent a car or share a rent car with other class mates to get around Taos and to our evening NightWalking class locations in the nearby Taos desert.  Lyft is also available in Taos to some extent.

Grocery: Cid’s Food Market is the best place in the area to get high quality, fresh food, organic food, and gourmet groceries. Smith’s is a regional chain grocer and has bargain choices and an attached gas station, pharmacy, and other services.  If you are flying into Albuquerque, major grocers such as Trader Joe’s, Costco, Whole Foods, and Walmart are abundant.  If you are flying into Santa Fe, Whole Foods, Albertson’s, and regional chains are easy to find.

Pharmacy: Walgreen’s Pharmacy is quite close to our training venue and Smith’s pharmacy, inside the grocery store, is in the area as well.

Restaurants: Taos welcomes visitors for ski season and for summer travel, so highly-rated restaurants are abundant.

In TaosRio Grande Gorge and Taos Pueblo have been around a while.  The historic Taos Plaza is newer, and has many shops, restaurants, and live music at the Taos Inn Adobe Bar.

Day or Side Trips: Many Taos visitors enjoy time at the mineral springs of the famous Ojo Caliente or take time to visit Santa Fe’s Historic Square and the Georgia O’Keefe Museum.