crossing the river, with katie raver and nelson zink

Class Description

A conversation with The Structure of Delight author Nelson Zink and NightWalker Katie Raver

“Each stone, thrown with a steady hand, flew high out over the water
and either sank with a splash or would ride the current
until a quick nod sent it cutting to the bottom.
The River’s surface split, then flashed another slice of the water knife.”
~The Structure of Delight by N. Zink

Nelson and Katie will discuss this, some of the history of the Structure of Delight, Nelson’s latest findings, and more.

Join the live audience and participate in the Q&A, listen back to the recording, or both.

Live and online via Zoom



Attend the Zoom conversation, get the recording, or both: $30

Date and Time

Saturday, May 8th, 2021 at 12pm Central  

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