Intro to Peripheral Vision and Virtual NightWalk

Class Description

Join Katie Raver, NLP master trainer and NightWalking guide, for this practical program on how different types of vision are linked to states of anxiety and flow, and how you can switch between these states more easily.


US $35

Date and Time

March 13th, 2021

10am-1pm Central 

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Live and online via Zoom


What You'll Learn

In this 3-hour workshop you will:

  • be guided through several easy exercises for beginning to intentionally access that type of vision linked to flow states
  • learn a little about the developer of these exercises and creator of NightWalking, Taos New Mexico psychotherapist Nelson Zink
  • hear a few fun stories about how to use your vision to help you relax and the added benefit of being able to see at night
  • experience a Virtual NightWalk – a way to experience NightWalking and peripheral vision, in a small way, from the comfort of the classroom, using guided visualization.