NightWalking is walking at night without artificial light.  The purpose of NightWalking is to receive all the benefits from staying in peripheral vision for more than a few seconds at a time.

NightWalking is taught outdoors, at night, usually in places with little or no artificial light around.  It’s easiest to learn on walkable-yet-uneven natural terrain (not pavement) and can be quickly taught with a guide.

NightWalking participants report that they loose their fear of the dark, they feel “part of the night” instead of in it, and are often surprised that they can see so much detail and so far at night without artificial light.

NightWalking was developed by psychotherapist Nelson Zink and Stephen Parks in Taos, New Mexico.  Nelson wanted to find ways to help his clients with anxiety.  They developed the NightWalking training and approach.

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