NightWalking was developed by psychotherapist Nelson Zink and Stephen Parks in Taos, New Mexico.  Nelson wanted to find ways to help his clients with anxiety.  They developed the NightWalking training and approach.  They published an article in the Whole Earth Review in Fall 1991 (available in scanned form at or in text form at

I learned NightWalking in 2007 from my NLP mentor Tom Best, and he introduced me to Nelson’s book The Structure of Delight. I began experimenting with its use for myself.  I NightWalked in urban and rural Austin, in state parks all over Texas, in Manhattan, in the foothills of the Alps in Austria, in Serbia, and in central London.  I noticed that I felt better when I could stay in peripheral vision for longer periods of time, and that I enjoyed and saw more of my surroundings.  I had less anxiety and could recognize when I was experiencing anxiety better.  I could notice patterns more easily.  And I began to easily plant the seeds of some life changes that I would make in the coming years.

This website is new as of December 2017 and is inspired by conversations I started having with Nelson Zink in August 2017.  If you are interested in this approach, join the email list or drop me a line to say hello.