09 Apr, 2021

What’s happening with the 2021 summer NightWalking class?

09 Apr, 2021

NightWalking is officially scheduled for July 5-9, 2021, in Taos, New Mexico, in person!

We’re delighted to be bringing this one-of-a-kind exploration of walking at night without artificial light back to a small group of participants!  

NightWalking participants report improved pattern recognition abilities, lessened anxiety, and quicker entry into flow states and “the now”. 

You can also easily share the basic exercises related to peripheral vision with others, after class, to spread the flow states and reduced anxiety to others.

Early bird registration ends May 10.  Register by then and your class tuition is $200 off, for a total tuition of $895.  

Register now: https://forms.gle/YvobLaLJD2Y5KzRT8

Have a question about logistics, lodging, just want to visit, or discuss something else about class?  Write to me at katieraver@gmail.com or text me at 512.699.7322 and we’ll get it sorted asap.

Katie Raver

A big postscript:

Our ability to safely meet is tied closely to health and safety regulations, so read on if you’re seriously considering attending and want to know the payment schedule and policies we’ve come up with to make it easier to safely gather, given our class location and more.

A few notes:

  • The state of New Mexico has lifted most travel restrictions related to gathering a group of people together from out of state.  This allows us to gather in a small class at WinterCorn Place, our training venue for afternoon classes during the NightWalking course (we also gather at sunset for NightWalks at various places in the near vicinity of Taos, New Mexico)..
  • Whenever possible, it’s still a good idea to book refundable travel plans, just in case something changes outside class organizers’ control.  Use airlines with generous rebooking policies like Southwest.  Make sure you understand your lodging or rent car refund policies. Avoid any financial commitments that are beyond what you can comfortably meet.
  • As of April 9, 2021, New Mexico requires that everyone wear a mask in public places. We will follow all guidelines set forth by the state as required at the time of class.
  • You must be fully vaccinated to participate. If you’d like to discuss our reasoning for this further or other ways to learn this material outside a class with these requirements, I’m happy to do so – just message me at and we’ll talk.


If you plan to get vaccinated but don’t know when:

You can register with a $100 deposit now or any time before May 10 to enjoy the early bird registration price.  Pay the balance of $800 when you schedule your appointment.  If you’re not able to get vaccinated before class, your $100 can be applied to anything else we offer for the next year, no admin fees, including online classes. 

If you have been vaccinated or have your first appointment scheduled at this time, you can:

  1. Register by paying $895 in full, or
  2. Register by paying $450 now and $450 by June 10.

Ready to register?

Go to the Registration Form now: https://forms.gle/YvobLaLJD2Y5KzRT8

Have a question? Text Katie Raver directly at 512.699.7322.